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Melissa Dream

Melissa Dream

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  • • Calmative formula without the use of melatonin• Used in herbal medicine as a calmative and sleepaid formula• Contains chamomile, lemon balm and L-theanine

Used in herbal medicine as a calmative and sleep aid

  • A natural solution to stress and sleep disorders. Use well known, safe ingredients to calm you down during the day, or prepare for sound, deep sleep. Melissa will make you wake up refreshed and rested, ready to tackle the challenges of the day. Natural formula of chamomile, L-theanine and lemon balm, for stress relief and improved sleep. **** Une solution naturelle pour le stress et favorise la relaxation et permettra un r?veil frais et dispo.
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Lemon balm (herb) [10:1]: 300 mg / L-theanine: 66 mg / Chamomile (flower) [5:1]: 100 mg / Vitamin B1: 0,48 mg / Vitamin B2: 0,55 mg Vitamin B3 (nicotinamide): 6 mg / Vitamin B6: 0,68 mg / Vitamin B12: 330mcg / Magnesium: 100 mg **** Me´lisse (Melissa officinalis L.) (Herbe) [10:1]..30mg / Camomille (Matricaria chamomilla L.) (Fleur) [5:1]..100mg / L-The´anine (L-The´anine)..66mg / Vitamine B1 (Thiamine)..0,48mg / Vitamine B2 (Riboflavine) Vitamine B3 (Niacinamide) Vitamine B6 (Pyridoxine HCI) Vitamine B12 (Cyanocobalamine) Magne´sium (Oxyde de magne´sium)

Recommended Use

For sleep disorders and daily stress. **** Pour les troubles du sommeil et du stress quotidien .

Recommended Dosage

Take 2-3 tablets 30-60 minutes before intended sleep. **** Prendre 2-3 comprime´s 30-60 minutes avant le coucher For Stress relief; Take 1 tablet during the day, as needed.