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Sugarr Body Sugaring and Laser Studio

Diana Joyce

  • info@sugarr.net
  • Office Phone: 519-200-5649
  • Thomas
  • Location St Thomas 1091 Talbot Street, St Thomas
  • By Appointment


Diana Joyce

Hi! I’m Diane, the owner of Sugarr body sugaring and laser studio. I’ve always wanted to own a business where I could be of service to others and noticed there wasn’t much of an option for people who wanted an alternative to shaving in the area. That lead me to looking into becoming a sugaring practitioner. I quit my job and applied for the course. It was scary but I wanted to give the business my full attention. That was 2019, who knew what the next couple of years would entail!

While I was closed due to Covid, I applied and received the grant money that was available for small business. I knew I needed to put the money back into the business so I invested in the Sharplight Laser machine. I took the training and received the certificate for a laser practitioner. I’m happy to say that Sugarr now offers body sugaring, laser hair removal, skin rejuvenation, body & face contouring and skin tightening.

I’m happy I made the move and although being a business owner has plenty of ups and downs I have no regrets. If you’re curious about any treatments you can find me at www.sugarr.net