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Post Partum Exercise Specialist

Carly Gaylor

  • carly.gaylor@gmail.com
  • Office Phone: 519-694-9678
  • Aylmer
  • Location Aylmer 30 Talbot Street East
  • 10 – 11:30 am

Post Partum Exercise Specialist

Carly Gaylor

Carly Gaylor is a certified Post Partum Exercise Specialist with a passion for helping people recover their connection with their bodies and do the things they love without fear or pain. After a difficult labour and delivery with her son, she tried many different therapeutic approaches to heal her pelvic floor and get back to the activities she loved, including running and soccer. It wasn’t until she found a whole body approach that she found significant healing. It is this focus on the whole body – breathing, posture, and head-to-toe functional movement – that she brings to her work, helping others find hope in their healing journeys.

Healing Postpartum:

Pelvic floor, posture, and healthy movement for Moms*

Do you need to be careful when running or jumping, laughing or coughing so that you don’t leak? Do you slouch when sitting or standing and wish you had better posture? Do you sometimes have aches and pains or find it difficult to do activities you used to be able to do?

Pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood is hard work. It is also hard on our bodies, and many mothers experience lasting physical symptoms (pelvic pain, back pain, leaking, diastasis, pelvic organ prolapse, fatigue, and more).

So many people think this is a normal part of motherhood. But it doesn’t have to be!

Every mother can move with more ease, comfort, and strength. In this program, we’ll use a gentle, supportive approach to improve:

  • Pelvic health (leaking, prolapse, pain)
  • Diastasis recti
  • Posture, strength, and mobility, including in day to day activities like pushing a stroller, lifting and carrying children, and driving
  • Keeping up with your kids when they’re running and playing
  • Doing the activities you love without pain.


  • A 45 minute one-on-one session to address your unique situation and goals, prior to the start of the group sessions
  • Six group sessions focussed on learning more about healthy movement, breathing, and posture and how you apply what you’re learning to your activities and living
  • Take-home exercises designed to fit into your daily routines
  • Email/text support during the program
  • Reduced rate for one-one-one sessions during the program and until May 15 th , 2023.

For Moms of all stages and ages – healing is possible no matter how long ago you gave birth!

* Not a mother and interested? These concerns are not unique to mothers. Please contact Carly directly to either join this group, work one-on-one, or be part of a second group. Thanks and welcome!

  • Group session dates:Saturdays February 11 th , 18 th , 25 th , March 4 th , 11 th , 25 th
  • Individual sessions:Saturdays January 21 st , 28 th , or February 4 th , or alternate arrangement before February 11 th
  • Cost:$250 - or sign up with a friend for a $25 discount each!