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Harmony Restore 60 Tabs

Harmony Restore 60 Tabs

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  • All natural, excipients included
  • reduces symptoms of stress

Harmony Restore has been formulated with herbs that have been clinically trialed, along with traditionally used in Chinese Medicine, to help relieve women’s hormonal symptoms, hormonal night sweats and skin issues exhaustion and symptoms of stress over 6 weeks. Harmony Restore is not a vitamin or mineral supplement – it is a traditional Chinese herbal medicine developed to have a therapeutic effect.

  • Free from wheat, gluten, soy and dairy products
  • Vegetarian

Ocimum tenuiflorum whole plant (OciBest®) (Holy Basil), Paeonia lactiflora root (Peony), Withania somnifera root (Ashwagandha), Olea europaea (olive fruit) (Opextan®) Naturally derived non-medicinal ingredients: Calcium hydrogen phosphate, carnauba wax, cellulose - microcrystalline, magnesium stearate, silica - colloidal, tablet coating proprietary ingredient PL 4029

Recommended Use

A multi-herb formula to help with: Adrenal fatigue Stress Sleeplessness Skin Health Energy Irritability Exhaustion

Recommended Dosage

1-6 weeks: 2 tablets per day Maintenance dose: 1 tablets per day Or take as directed by your healthcare practitioner