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  • A Glass mini mason jar filled with lab tested for purity, luxurious silk dental floss, lightly waxed for strength and ease of use between tight teeth
  • 40 full metres of silk floss in each spool

Flosspot? CANADAS FIRST SILK DENTAL FLOSS IN A MINI MASON JAR - REFILLABLE, REUSABLE JAR,, ECO FRIENDLY. TWICE TESTED- FOR PURITY, FLOSSPOT? KMH ECO DENTAL INNOVATION has Lab Results showing Silk Testing with between 97% - 100 %purity of fibre as Silk. BUY ONCE, AND REFILL FOR LIFE. So much better for our environment, and a natural silk - under the Gum Line makes more sense. Silk is of Nature and returns to Nature with as little damage in between as possible is our Goal.

  • Refillable. Silk Floss Spools of 40 M each. Our Floss comes from nature and returns to nature. Having once been alive, our SILK FLOSS - is more absorbent than any plasTICK floss ever could be! Plastick interrupts colonies of bacteria which is good, but silk, removes them -(if flossing is performed correctly), much more efficiently. One use will show the customer the difference. Texture is much more thorough. RAW - lightly waxed silk is a superior clean. Experience it for yourself.
  • Canadian
  • Organic
  • GMO Free

CANADIAN LAB TEST - 100% pure silk,LIGHTLY candelilla waxed floss. FOR EASE OF USE BETWEEN TIGHT TEETH.

Recommended Use

Use 18.5" of floss once per day preferably in the evening to clean between teeth and below the gum line.